After searching for many years and receiving just basic experiences, I found Nicole on FB of all places and gave her a try. She’s an amazing, intuitive massage therapist and provides a top notch experience. She’s very quick to respond and is a truly pleasant person. Magic fingers doesn’t really give her enough credit as it’s a whole experience you’ll receive. I highly recommend her!
Nicole’s extensive experience shows through her amazing work. Her passion is healing massage therapy. She clearly identifies your needs and addresses them in the most professional way. Try her massage and you will be amazed at the results. Her healing massage combines mind, body and spirit. I recommend her services highly.

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75 minutes Massage

Great session for full body massage with focus to 1-2 areas that need more work.

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90 minutes Full body Massage

Most popular full body massage session with focus to everything - best for deeper more focused work or more active individuals.


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2 hours Full Body Massage

Indulgent full body massage with lots of extra time for deeper and focused work on all areas.

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90 mins - $150

Volcanic Ash Detox Treatment

Whole body treatment including face. Exfoliation, masque and hydration. Perfect for face and bodies feeling fatigued, illness and or sallow looking appearance.  Please note volcanic ash and organic seaweed oil is used in this treatment.


  • All packages bought must be used within one year of the date of purchase, you may pre-book your appointments and share with family and friends.

  • If sharing, please have the person you are sharing with know they need to mention this when booking their appointment.